Our Story

In the beginning…

…a shared love of BMX – and the t-shirts in the scene – between two high school friends a couple decades prior is likely what sowed the seed all those years ago. The designs were unique, cheeky, and only made to appeal to those rolling around on 20” wheels. No gimmicks, no pandering, no mass appeal. They were pure.

Life and work would take them on two divergent paths, on opposite sides of the world. Dreams of collaboration would have to wait. But the best of friends are never all that far apart. In 2021, still in different parts of the globe, they decided to embark upon an adventure. It was time to bring that purity of intent to the other interests they shared. And that others shared with them.

Those shared interests generally revolve around vehicles. An eclectic mix of iron has cycled through their garages over time. Two wheels and four, off-road and on, lift kits and coilovers, turbos and NAs, fours and eights, boxers and vees, rusted out and pristine. It’s time those other eclectic enthusiasts had some apparel designed for them. It’s time for Delirium Furiosum.


Designed to Perfection

Each illustration is created in the only space available to a parent with children - the bathroom. It offers the solitude and peace to allow the brain to really get to the bottom of a design before plastering it over apparel.